Why many arguments are not worth having

Many arguments fall into one of three categories:

  1. Objective and known (it is daytime now)
  2. Subjective (vanilla is better than chocolate)
  3. We don’t have all the data, so we must reason with what data we do have

The only one worth arguing is number three. The result of the first one is simply to check (that could be a study or studies, looking outside, or anything similar). There is a right answer, go find it.

For the second one, you will never be able to convince a chocolate lover who is also a vanilla hater than vanilla is better than chocolate. There is nothing to start from, as its all subjective. Changing the subject to vanilla is healthier moves it into category one.

The third one is actually reasonable to discuss, but before attacking someone’s position, make sure that it really does fall into category three (and then keep in mind that just because it is a topic that can be argued does not mean that facts go out the window).


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